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Hydrogen baths

Impress your bare skin

Effects of hydrogen bathing

This is experimental data after bathing in a hydrogen bath by thermography.
15I took a bath for a minute, and then 5 minutes later (after bathing), I compared the difference between normal bathing and hydrogen bathing.

Regular bathing

Bathing using Rita Life

Based on the results of these experiments, it can be said that when bathing in a bath of hydrogen water for a certain period of time, the redox power of hydrogen acts, and the effect of retaining body temperature can be fully expected even after bathing. By continuing the heat retention effect, the metabolism of the whole body is accelerated. It relieves fatigue and pain, and also has the effect of relieving stress.

Rita Life Testimonials

■Case.01Customers suffering from atopic dermatitis

Changes in neck and décolleté

Changes in the back

* The effect varies from person to person, and the same effect is not guaranteed.

Other Hydrogen Products

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Hydrogen mist function

■ How to replenish hydrogen gas

Other replenishment methods

The mask cannula that covers the mouth and nose can be inhaled effortlessly with natural breathing, and the oral cannula allows hydrogen gas to flow directly into the mouth.

Mask cannula
(Mask-type inhalation tube)

Oral cannula

Hydrogen water drinker Rita Aqua

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